Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Layla's First Circus

Ringling Bros. came to town over the past weekend and I HAD to go!  I had only been to the circus once and that was many many years ago when I was probably in the 5th grade.  I had been wanting to go back ever since then!  Hearing the music, laughing at the clowns, seeing tigers and elephants, and watching the acrobats soar across the sky is not something you get to do everyday.  It is so much fun!  So of course being a mommy...I had an excuse to buy tickets this year!

My oldest daughter is only 15 months old, so I do not expect her to ever remember this experience, but I sure will!  Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to grow up to be a mommy.  I had lots of practice with my dolls and took them everywhere I went!  As I got older I always thought to myself "I can't wait to have babies and take them to the places like the circus!"

I was so excited I decided to dress Layla up for the event!  I went with the option of a cute little clown since some of the girl clown's get really girly.  I made a clown tulle tutu with bright colored pom poms and a matching felt headband.  I layered the tutu over purple leggings and a pink shirt.  All of the different colors looked like something a clown would wear.  Then I just painted the tip of her nose red and tada!  We had a baby clown!  

Sitting in the seat with her in my lap it was all I could do to choke down my tears.  I know I am such a sap lol.  The only reason I didn't choke up right there is because I didn't want Angie to think I was crazy lol.

I was afraid that with her being so little, she would loose interest very fast.  However, Layla was curled up in my lap watching the entire thing!  She was smiling so big, and pointing to all the different things. Shouting "KIKI!" when she saw the tigers and "PUPPY!" when the dancing poodles came out. She would stand up in my lap to get a better view and would just dance away and clap!  It just lit up my heart to know that she enjoyed it!

At the finale of the show, it was really all I could do not to shed millions of little sappy tears lol.  She stood in my lap, wrapped her arm around my neck as tight as she could, and layed her cheek on mine.  I would look up at her and smile and she would rub my hair and give me kisses on my cheek!  It was like she was trying to say "Thank you mommy!"

This will definitely be a yearly thing!  And next year, my other baby girl will be big enough to go too! YAY!

Here are some of the pictures my wonderful Angie caught for us!

Human Cannon Ball

This girl has some muscles for sure!

 Baby Elephant!!  I want one!!

 I'm too much of a scaredy cat to ever ever attempt this!

This looked like fun!

The gymnists guys were jumping through and over the ribbon.

Ring Master

This was my favorite part!  Poodles are hialrious!  This one is walking the baby poodle on a leash.

 This guy has serious guts!!

The moment my sweet girl was giving me lovins :)  So glad Angie took this picture!
This was sooo worth it :)

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