Thursday, October 9, 2014

Easy and Delicious Buttercream Icing


Buttercream icing is one of my favorite things on the planet! I wouldn't be surprised if I land myself in a diabetic coma one day from eating so much of it.  We always have just a tad of a batch left over.  Instead of throwing it out, I make my husband package it up for me.  That way I can eat it straight from a spoon later.  Please tell me I'm normal.  Does anyone else have an icing problem?

I'm a stay at home mom, but I stay at home and I paint, make cookies, and decorate cakes on the side. I guess you could say I "try" to do it all.  I'm a very busy girl.  I over do it every day.  My husband says I need a chill pill.  I just think I need more time in a day lol.  I can't say "NO" to people.  I don't think I want to either.  I under price things because I actually want to make them.  I like working under pressure and I like seeing how artsy I can be.  I like the feeling of being so under pressure I'm about to fall apart but then I rock it!  I like torturing myself I guess lol.

When I have put myself in a situation where I have two cakes, eight paintings, my babies to look after, and a house to clean by the end of the week......I like to make things as simple as possible.  I want a recipe that will be easy, simple, and using ingredients I already have on hand.

For a few years I have searched the end of the world and back again for a simple, non-greasy, on hand ingredient, delicious, finger licking good recipe.  I know.....I ask too much lol.  I thought it was impossible too!  I researched and tested a TON of different recipes for the perfect buttercream icing.
-  If they were delicious they didn't make enough.  I would end up short handed on icing and have to make a quick dash to the store for more ingredients to make more batches.
- If the recipe said it was easy....I would end up having to go buy "special" ingredients that I never had to use more than once so I was wasting money.
- If the recipe said   "not greasy" would call for butter AND Crisco!  Then leave an awful yucky film in my mouth.

After many trials and ruined batches of cupcakes, I found the perfect one!  Not greasy! On hand ingredients!  Makes more than enough icing!  Fire works in your mouth delicious!  Just trust me on this one!  All my friends ask me "How do you make this!/"  "What's in this icing?"  "Is it hard to make?"  "You make it yourself!????"  Yes, yes, I do!  And I'm here today to share :)

Time to put down the canned icing and grab these ingredients out of the cabinet...Because I know you have some of that powdered sugar stocked like I do ;)  

Buttercream Icing

 By: Crystal Barrett

 Makes enough for 24 cupcakes or a standard layer cake.
                             (Click Here to Print)   

2 cups softened, unsalted sweet cream butter
6 cups powdered sugar
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1-4 tbsp milk

Place butter in stand mixer (or a bowl to use hand mixer).

Beat on medium speed to cream butter.  I do this for about five minutes or more.

When the butter is soft and fluffy, add vanilla extract.  Beat 1 minute or until the butter and vanilla have been blended in well.

Add powdered sugar one cup at a time.
*I find it easiest to turn the mixer off, add a cup of the sugar, beat on lowest speed until the powdered sugar mixes in well enough to not make a mess, and then turn the mixer onto high speed to blend the rest of the cup of sugar in.  Repeat until all of the powdered sugar has been incorporated.

Beat about 3 minutes.

Add milk one tablespoon at a time while beating until you get the correct consistency for your piping needs.


  1. Oh, for sure. Spoon required, cupcake optional!

  2. Yum. I love buttercream icing. does this need to be refrigerated since it's all butter?

    1. Very good question! I usually put it in the refrigerator just because I don't want the cupcakes/cake to go stale sooner than I can eat them. In which case, the icing gets a little harder so if you like a softer frosting, or you have kept the icing in the refrigerator to pipe for later, I would let it thaw out a few minutes- an hour. I have only had one problem with leaving it out and that was because I set them too close to my toaster ... oops lol. Unless you think that the icing will go bad, I don't see it being a problem if you didn't refrigerate it. I think it's good either way.

  3. Hooray for finding that perfect recipe! It sure looks delicious (the look on that sweet face says it all)... :)

  4. Nothing beats a good butter cream!

  5. It always amazes me when people reach for the canned frosting when buttercream such as this one is so easy to throw together (and so much better tasting too).

    1. I know! I ate canned until I realized I could make my own. Now, I will never eat another cake with canned icing lol.

  6. What a gorgeous, fluffy buttercream! I prefer non-greasy, too!