Sunday, May 12, 2013

Springtime Yarn Wreath

For the past year Pinterest has been one of my biggest obsessions.  There are just so many possibilities and things to learn.  My mind has become so full of ideas I can hardly keep track!  Hundreds of recipes I would like to try, folders full of art pieces I want to replicate, and of course there are my favorite....crafts for the home. 

Unfortunately my husband, 2 girls, and I are currently residing with my father in his three bedroom home until we get a house built.  So, all of my crafting ideas either have to wait or I have to make them for others and hope they like them just as much as I would.

I was at my grandma's house and realized she had a wreath hanger...but no wreath on her door.  Here is my opportunity!!!  I was going to make my first wreath for her Mother's Day gift!

Wreaths either just became popular or I just have been out of the loop until recently.  Some are really big and bulky, old fashioned, or my style "simple and classy".  When looking up examples that I liked for inspiration I realized that yarn was being used a lot.  This seemed easy enough!

I packed up the girls, went to Hobby Lobby, and spent at least an hour trying to come up with an idea haha.

I went to the yarn section and picked out a pretty spring color, my favorite color, teal.  Then I walked around looking for anything that would match.  I wanted to aim for simplicity since this was my first aim at it. 

I think it turned out pretty awesome don't you?

I have a list of people that I am going to make some for very soon so I am sure I will be adding some more :)

Here's what I did:
(I should have took more pictures :-/  ... don't worry I will next time :)  )

1 foam wreath
1 roll of yarn in teal
4 artificial flowers.  I chose pastels to match the teal and make it springy.
1 wooden letter
hot glue
glue stick
wreath hanger

Glue the first inch or two of yarn to the wreath to make sure it stays in place.

Wrap the yarn around the wreath.  Make sure the lines are straight and tight so none of the white shoes through the yarn.  This process requires patience!  It takes a little while and your wrist may need to rest but the more you do the faster you get.

Glue the last strand when you close up the gap between the last piece and the first piece of yarn.

Paint the wooden letter.  When dry, glue the letter with stick glue and pour glitter on top.  Let dry.

Pull the flowers off of the stems and hot glue into place on the wreath.

Hot glue the letter onto the wreath.

Hang by ribbon on the door with the wreath hanger.

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